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NEW and CURRENT Athletes:

SOMO welcomes new athletes to participate in our many year round sports and leadership programs. There are several very important steps for every new or current athlete to take EVERY SEASON.

Before participating in any sport, athletes must have done three things. NOTE that as of January 2017 there is a NEW Athlete Medical for Participation and a new Athlete Participation Form. Please read instructions carefully and share with your physician in order to complete a thorough and accurate medical. Instructions for the forms and all required forms CAN BE FOUND HERE!

  • Complete and submit the Athletic Medical Forms (health history and physical exam)
    • You may attach any additional information pertinent to the athlete’s participation in our sports programs (e.g. itemized list of prescription medications, explanation of any yes” answers, health and/or behavioral concerns). NOTE: For athletes living in a group home, please be sure that COUNSELOR contact information is clearly indicated in employer/counselor box. Please check that the form is completely filled out as incomplete forms cannot be accepted and will delay the start of your training and could interfere with participation in competition.
    • If for a new athlete, be sure to check box at top of page 1.
    • Allow one to two weeks for processing. Check on status at:
  • Complete and submit a Participation Waiver
  • ONLINE Sport Sign-up is mandatory each season
    • At least one month prior to the start of each sport season, the online sports sign-up will be open and athletes MUST go online at and sign up for the sport/sports they choose to train in. Many of our sports training programs have limited roster space and athletes interested in those sports should respond as soon as notice of the training season in the newsletter has been made. The names of the athletes who have signed up to train in a sport will be provided to the coach. Training dates, times and locations will be in the newsletter and on the website and you should show up for the first practice on time and ready to play! Athletes should not expect to receive a confirmation from Coach.
    • Details (start dates/times, training locations and competition schedules) are found on each sport’s web page. These pages are kept up to date as soon as information is avail.

If you have any questions, please email

Sport training sign ups are normally only open for the month prior to the sport’s first practice. This step lets us plan for the sport’s season. Enough facilities and coaches must be trained handle the number of athletes signed up. Athletes can sign up for a sport by clicking HERE.

If the sign up page does not list your sport, it is probably full or closed for new registration.

See Athlete Eligibility and Procedures for Participation Information below:


Eligible athletes are all children and adults, at least eight-years-old, with an intellectual disability, a cognitive delay, or a closely related developmental disability. There is no maximum age limit.Children ages six and seven may participate in Special Olympics training, but may not compete. SOMO is developing a YAP ( Young Athletes Program) component for each sport season for children age 5-6-7 to give them an introduction to SOMO sports and prepare them for training and competition in our year-round Community-based sports programs. Children ages 2-4 can find out more about participation in the MCITP ( Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program) Partnership with SOMO: The DREAM TEAM.

All Special Olympics programs are offered at no cost to our athletes.

Eligible athletes have functional limitations in both general learning and in adaptive skills. This typically includes all individuals with intellectual disabilities, combination deaf-blindness, autism, traumatic brain injury, and most individuals with cerebral palsy and specific learning disabilities.

NOTE* If the timing of receipt of a new or renewed Athlete Medical is crucial, you may FAX or scan and email a completed medical to Medical Director at or FAX to 1-888-662-6265 (please be sure that all information and signatures are complete!).