“In Honor of” Gift Recognitions

The following people have been honored by a Gift “In Honor of” donation (Via checks or online via our SOMO Store). Donations made “In Memorial” are thanked directly.

Current  contributions:

12/14 Shelley, Gail and John Belgard  “In honor of Pam Yerg, Bob Stack, Joyce Plaxen, Lee Abigail, Debbie Fickenscher”

12/14 Emile and Alex Brouwers “In honor of all the athletes and coaches”

08/14 Harry Segal “In honor of Pam Yerg”

07/14 Patricia Hellmuth “In honor of the good work that my brother Chuck Hellmuth does for Special Olympics”

07/14 David and Julie Dietz “In honor of Andres Hornish”

05/14 John and Carolyn Mc Hale “In honor of Florence Murasko”

05/14 Sonia Hess “In honor of Adam McCrensky”

05/14 Leah Furst “In honor of Daren Seifert”

04/14 Teri Barbee “In honor of Corey Barbee”

04/14 Sudha Maniam “In honor of Kiran Vijayakumar (Naveen)”

04/14 Cecile Galezynski “In honor of Jill Durbin”

04/14 Kathleen McCallum “In honor of Nathan Crowe

03/14 Mr/Mrs John Clemente in honor of Joshua Cohen  “We are so proud of him”

03/14 Rose Fasano “Happy Anniversary”

02/14 numerous bowl-a-thon donations

02/14 Yasmin Amiri “Happy 21st birthday Nadia Sararazi! Love Yasmin”

01/14 Chip Henstenburg “in honor of Nadia Sarfarazi’s 21st birthday”

01/14 David Lautenberger “In Memory of Mr Ben Ackreman, whose kindness, strength, love of life and commitment to Special Olympics was – and continues to be – an inspiration for all”

12/13 Diane Rosenberg “In Honor of Jason Masters”

12/13 Adam Hess “In honor of Joshua Thomas”

12/13 Gail Belgard “In honor of Pam Yerg, CoachsBob Stack and Joyce Plaxen”

12/13 Pim Brouwers “In appreciation of all the athletes and coaches of SOMO”

11/14 Vincent Allen “Happy Birthday Mom. You taught me all about Special Olympics and teaching the special needs young adults how to swim at the YMCA. I still rememberit. So glad we could gift someone who needs it this way. We love you, Vicki, Vinny, Dirk and Annie”



Prior Years contributions:

Kate Rogers in honor of Joe Cumberpatch

Scott Glaze in honor of Team Jay – Good luck Jay & Jim! Vinny & Family

Daniel Durbin in honor of Joe Cumberpatch

Stephen Durbin in honor of Joe Cumberpatch

William Durbin in honor of Joe Cumberpatch

Michael Caskin in honor of Team Jay — Best of luck in Arizona…BRING HOME THE GOLD! The Caskin Family is behind you.

Andrew Diviney in honor of Team Jay – Kick some butt Jay!!!!!!!

Neil Tyra  in honor of Team Jay

Vernon Holleman in hon0r of Jay Cromwell

Trish & Johnny Johnson  in honor of Joe Cumberpatch

Joanna Hinton  in honor of Joe and Mary Lou Cumberpatch, Special Olympic Golfers extraordinaire! Love, Joanna & family

Anita Vreeland in support of her Grandson Brandon Vreeland. Go Team Maryland!!!

Chris Gatesman in honor of Adam Russell

Sharmeen Charlette Dosky-Bamami in honor of Laura and Adam Russell

Evette and Dennis Richardson – Congratulations to Laura and Adam Russell on making the National Special Olympics Golf Team!

Keith and Genevieve Steele in honor of Michael Storm and his mother Lee

Michael Barnes in honor of coaches and volunteers

Leah Furst in honor of Darren Seifert

Sonia Hess in honor of Adam McCredey

Brogan Family

The Uhrlaub family in honor of Celeb Head

The Babick family in honor of Sam Corley

The Gehres family in honor of Abigail Gehres

Sam Kapner in honor of the Basketball Program

Cynthia Winterhalter in honor of Frankie Sanya

The Belgard family in honor of coach Bob Stack

The Belgard family in honor of Joyce Plaxen

The Belgard family in honor of Pam Yerg

Michael Helfer in honor of Tatyana McFadden

Sara Sonet  in honor of the Kayak Coaches

Sharman Mesard Boyle in honor of Aaron Boyle

Domain7 in honor of Sentinel Wealth Management

Elisabeth Van Gersdorff in honor of Paul Zenses

The Cooper family in honor of the Cross Country Ski program

The Liebhold family in honor of Max Rubenstein

Ilaria Bemucci in honor of SOMO

Rebecca Boker in honor of Loren action Plaxen and family

Donna Limerick in Honor of Ski program

Leah Furst in Honor of athlete Darren Seifert

In Honor of Johnny McNickle: from Friends & Family

In Honor of Max Rubenstein: from Friends & Family

In Honor of Lori & Joyce Plaxen: from Friends & Family

In Support of the SO Programs: from Harwood House Thrift Shop