Softball NIT Fundraising

Help us send our Team Golden Softball Team to the National Championships next summer!

About a dozen years ago, the core of what is today’s Montgomery Special Olympics softball program began to take shape. While victories were elusive in the early years, the spirit never waned.

Over the past decade, new athletes have joined the softball program which grew to support two traditional softball teams: Team Golden and Team Downs. Our athletes are committed to the sport – and to each other – and have worked to improve their softball skills each year. Overtime, Team Golden, the team that was often overmatched, has become the dominant team within the state. Team Downs continues to improve in state competition as well, and we anticipate continued growth in our softball sports program.

Many of these same athletes that are on the Team Golden softball team are also soccer and basketball teammates. They often enjoy each other’s company at many social events in the community. They have become close friends and are always supportive of one another. They have grown from being acquaintances, to good teammates, to being like brothers.

Special Olympians, like all athletes, aspire to be the best.

Special Olympics Maryland – Montgomery County TEAM GOLDEN

Our Montgomery County, MD Special Olympics Team Golden softball team has been invited to compete in the Special Olympics North America National Invitational Tournament (SONA NIT), for the third consecutive year. The tournament features 32 Special Olympics of the best teams from across the United States and Canada, 16 Traditional and 16 Unified.

In 2015, Team Golden received an invitation to compete in the SONA NIT in Wichita, KS. This was our first exposure to national competition. No one knew what to expect. Our athletes quickly showed their mettle by securing the Silver Medal in the second highest division.

Last year, we were invited once again to participate in the NIT, this time in Roanoke, VA. Despite playing shorthanded for the entire weekend, we played our way into the top division before coming away with the Bronze Medal.

This year’s tournament will be held in Bismarck, ND, from August 17th – 20th. Will this be the year that we prove that we are the best Traditional softball team across all of North America? The team must raise funds for team travel and we anticipate our fund-raising goal to be $9.000! Will you support us in our endeavor? All contributions are tax deductible. And we will be forever grateful!

No matter the outcome, we will always be “Brave in the attempt”!

You can support our team in one of many ways:

  • Write a check to SOMO (put Softball NIT in the remark area) and mail it to Pam Yerg, Area Director at 10204 Colebrook Ave., Potomac, MD 20854

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Thank you for supporting this life-changing experience for our team!