Sport Season ONLINE Signup – athlete

Registration is only open for the sports listed in the form… if you do not see the form or a sport listed, it is not open for registration! Online Sign-up will open at least one month prior to sport season start and will close for each individual sport following the first practice OR when capacity is met. 

MANDATORY!  Parents and athletes must read and acknowledge reading the Codes of Conduct and SOMO Policy. CLICK HERE TO READ the document BEFORE completing this form.

Complete this form. It is a long form… be sure to go to bottom and click SEND when done. You have to scroll back to top of screen to see the acknowledgement that from was received once you press SUBMIT. If you have additional forms to complete, press your browser’s back key to re-display the form with content (DO NOT click Go Back To Form).  If you do not see the form for the proper season or your sport, press REFRESH on your browser to bring up the most current version.

It is MANDATORY for every athlete to sign up online for each sport that you wish to participate in. This allows us to plan for each sport and to provide your Coach with your current contact information and a copy of your medical. Please submit this form at least a week prior to attending a practice so that we can pull your medical to have it at the practices. ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT MEDICAL (that does not expire prior to last competition of the season) AND MUST HAVE SIGNED UP ONLINE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY SPORT.

Some people have reported problems seeing the form using the Apple Safari browser. Try changing Safari to 64-bit mode. Firefox browser does work. If you still have problems, click HERE to go directly to the form. There have also been reports that the form does not appear when you access it from a work location (company firewall can prevent access). It is recommended you complete form from home.