Sports Overview

Special Olympics Maryland Montgomery County offers year-round training and competition in 23 Olympic-type sports to all persons eight years of age and older with an intellectual disability. Programs are designed to serve all ability levels, and there is no cost to participate.

Eligible athletes are all children and adults, at least eight years old, with intellectual disabilities, a cognitive delay, or a closely related developmental disability. Eligible athletes have functional limitations in both general learning and in adaptive skills. Children under the age of 8 years old may participate in YAP ( Young Athletes Programs) designed specifically to meet the needs of pre-school age and early elementary age children with intellectual disabilities and focuses on an introduction to sports rather than on training and competition in specific sports.e.

No prior experience in a sport is necessary. Special Olympic athletes are grouped in competition divisions according to ability level, age and gender. Events for lower level ability athletes are offered in the form of basic skills. The development of these skills is necessary prior to advancing to the next level of competition.

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Young Athletes Program (YAP)