Head Coach:  Meaghan Smith   email:  

Competitive Season: Saturday March 4, 2017 to June 9,2017 Summer Games Competition

2017 Training: Shockwave Allstars  20 Southlawn Ct, Rockville, MD 20850  from 12:30 to 2pm

JOY Practices dates: March 4-11-18-25 / April 1- NO PRACTICE April 8-15 / April 22*-29 / May 6-13-20- Additional practices in preparation for Summer Games Competition will be announced

YAP JOY practice dates: 11:30-12:30:March 11-18-25 /April 1-8-1-NO PRACTICE April 15/April 22-29/May 6

All updates in the practice schedule will be communicated via TEAM SNAP

No Practice: April 8/15 – Spring Break      May 27 – Memorial Day Weekend

*Qualifiers:  Saturday, April 22   – location and details will be communicated via TEAM SNAP

Competition:  Friday, June 9, 2017 at Towson University – SOMD Summer Games.

Online Sport Season Sign-up: All athletes AND volunteers must sign up for sport training prior to attending practice. Please sign up online as soon as possible so that we can make plans for coaching needs. Cheer Squad Roster numbers are limited. ONLINE SIGN-UP IS OPEN BY FEBRUARY 15, 2017 – and will CLOSE at 6:00 PM following March 4th practice. Rosters must be finalized by the coaches in order to prepare for Summer Games Competition. See bottom of page for links to volunteer and athlete online signup.

YAP CHEER: We have established an opportunity for our YOUNG athletes ( ages 4-7) in our YAP ( Young Athletes Program for Cheer). If interested, please sign-up online and Coach Meg will be in touch with you regarding the dates and times for practice for the YAP mini-season. We anticipate beginning March 11th through May 6,2017 from 11:30-12:15 at the Shockwave Allstars Gym.

Please read the following information about the SOMO Cheerleading Program as there are important details that may affect your ability to participate!

SOMO JOY Cheerleading Team’s Competitive Season is the Spring Season with MANDATORY ONLINE SIGN UP which opens February 15, 2017. SOMO JOY is a unique sport team that includes an extended OUTREACH program called Beyond JOY.

ONLINE SIGN-UP: new and returning cheerleaders MUST SIGN UP ONLINE FOR JOY CHEER. State Cheer Competition Squad Rosters are specific and limited which limits the number of spaces available in the Cheer Program. ONCE THE JOY CHEER ROSTER IS SET ALL ATHLETES WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMMIT TO PARTICIPATING IN Beyond JOY. Details; about the optional beyond JOY participation will be communicated during the season. Participation in Beyond JOY ONLY is non an option. Please sign up asap to secure your spot!

SOMO JOY Cheer was established in Special Olympics Montgomery County in the Spring of 2011 with 23 cheerleaders. Since then, the squad has grown to over 60 members ranging in age from 8 to 34 years old.

SOMO JOY Cheerleading and BEYOND JOY Outreach Club

SOMO JOY Cheerleading is the Competitive Sport Team, and heart of the JOY sports program. JOY Cheerleader’s prepare for the annual cheer competition at the Special Olympics Maryland State Summer Games at Towson University in Towson, Maryland in June. SOMO JOY Cheer Team is run in accordance with Special Olympics mission of sports training and athletic competition.

  • The season begins in March and extends to the State Games the second week in June. Practice is every Saturday at Shockwave Allstars from 12:30 to 2:00pm.
  • There are four divisions (squads): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. There are mandated minimum and maximum roster numbers for each squad. Therefore we have limited roster slots available.
  • SOMO JOY Cheer coaches will determine which team a cheerleader is qualified for based on their skills, abilities, and performance style. Any questions or concerns a parent has regarding the coach’s decision MUST be discussed with the coaches PRIVATELY.
  • Cheerleaders MUST attend all practices. The season is short, due to designated holidays.
  • Only 2 excused absences are allowed. More than 2 may disqualify the athlete from competing with their team at the State Games.
  • The State competition is the second weekend (Friday, June 9, 2017) at Towson University, located outside of Baltimore.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The cheer competition is a full day on Friday which requires cheerleaders and their parent or chaperone to miss school or work (it is an excused absence in MCPS).
  • SOMO JOY Cheer competes against other cheer squads from counties throughout Maryland.
  • There are some expenses for personal accessories and team activities that are the responsibility of the individual athletes. We will be ordering new uniforms this season and will be asking our cheerleaders and families to help in fund-raising to help cover this very expensive cost to our program.
  • Cheerleaders may choose to participate in both SOMO JOY Cheer and BEYOND JOY or only SOMO JOY Cheer. Parents and athletes will need to sign a document at the beginning of the season committing to their choice.
  • IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT AVAILABLE TO COMPETE AT THE 2017 SPECIAL OLYMPICS STATE GAMES, PLEASE COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH HEAD COACH MEG. Coaches choreograph the routines at the very beginning of the season. Every cheerleader’s position in the routine is significant to the performance. If you wish to visit our practices and learn more about the program please contact our Team Manager Debbie Copeland.
  • SOMO JOY Cheer Manager Contact: Debbie Copeland at

After registering online, you must also register to JOIN TEAM SNAP ( SOMO JOY Cheer uses Team Snap for all communications and schedules for both SOMO JOY Cheer and BEYOND JOY. THIS IS THE REQUIRED TEAM COMMUNICATION TOOL. For help to register on Team Snap Contact our Communications Manager: Gena Mitchell at

Each Cheerleader will be required to complete a survey form that will provide information to the JOY Coaching Committee to permit planning for  uniform needs, fundraising goals and scheduling details. The Survey will be made available following the first practice and must be completed  before the second practice.

BEYOND JOY is an Outreach Club created by the athletes and families of SOMO JOY Cheer. The mission is to spread JOY, raise awareness about Special Olympics, and demonstrate our cheerleaders’ skills and abilities to the community at large. This is our opportunity for JOY to ignite cheer spirit at Special Olympics events and invitations by community organizers.

  • BEYOND JOY is a VOLUNTARY opportunity for SOMO JOY cheerleaders: open to current and new members who register in the Spring of 2017.
  • The commitment is Spring and Fall of 2017.
  • This participation is in addition to SOMO JOY Cheer NOT a separate option from SOMO JOY Cheer. Members can be part of SOMO JOY Cheer and BEYOND JOY, but cannot only join BEYOND JOY activities.
  • When you sign-up for BEYOND JOY, you have committed to attend a minimum number of activities for the calendar year: Cheerleaders are required to participate in a minimum of 2 activities in the Spring and a minimum of 3 activities in the Fall.
  • Each parent is expected to volunteer to be the coordinator for at least one BEYOND JOY event in the Spring or Fall.
  • Each coach is expected to coach a minimum of three BEYOND JOY events in the Spring or Fall.
  • BEYOND JOY Manager Contact: Darian Packard at

BEYOND JOY Special Olympics activities include:

  • Half-time performance and cheering on athletes at the basketball exhibition games at Blessed Sacrament and Landon.
  • Leading the parade of athletes at the Spring Games.
  • Cheering on Athletes at a sports venue at the Spring Games.
  • SOMO’s Inspiration Walk at Georgetown Prep in the fall.
  • Cheering on players at the TOP Soccer festival in the fall.

BEYOND JOY Community events will be selected by the BEYOND JOY Management Team and may include:

  • Best Buddies events
  • Local high school basketball games
  • Local high school football games
  • Walks and races sponsored by community organizations


Athlete and volunteer application’s must be current UP TO THE date of the State Games for your sport. If you are unsure of a person’s status, click HERE to see list of names and expiration dates.

ATHLETES – Click HERE to sign up on-line for this sport’s training season. YOU MUST have the required Athlete Application (also know as Athlete Medical) already on file to sign up for a sport. If you are not sure if you have completed all the paperwork, please click HERE to review the requirements.

VOLUNTEERS – Click HERE to sign up on-line for this sport’s training season. YOU MUST have the required volunteer application already on file to sign up for a sport. If you are not sure if you have completed all the paperwork, please click HERE to review the requirements.

Additional Information about JOY and BEYOND JOY:

SOMO JOY’s Executive Committee:

SOMO Director Pam Yerg
SOMO JOY Head Coach   Meaghan Smith
SOMO JOY Cheer Debbie Copeland
BEYOND JOY Darian Packard
Communications Gena Mitchell
Treasurer Jennifer Duran
Uniforms & Accessories Liz Baldini
Registration & Medical Forms Kathy Smith
Social Media Colleen Hatcher

Important links:

Facebook – Facebook

Twitter –

Instagram –

Team Snap – (JOY)

Currently Scheduled  BEYOND JOY Events: Details will be sent via TEAM SNAP

Feb 18,2017             SATURDAY Blessed Sacrament Exhibition Game

Feb. 26,2017           SUNDAY Landon Exhibition Game


May 7,2017              SUNDAY Landon Mark’s Run/Azalea Festival Funland – details to be determined

May 21,2017            SUNDAY SOMO Spring Games-Landon School,  (Opening Ceremonies 11:00)

May   13,2017          SATURDAY Williams Syndrome Walk/Hadley’s Park


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