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Montgomery County Sonics

2017 Cycling Season

Head Coach: John O’Brien 

Assistant Coach: Renny Springuel

Team Manager Margie Young 


Season: July/Aug/Sept/Oct  

Training: Saturday mornings from 9-10:30.  Start date is July 15, 2017

Training dates for 2017: July 15,22,29 / August 5,12,19,26 /September 9,16,23,30 * No training on Sept. 2nd/ October 7,14

Where:  Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg, MD (next to Gaithersburg High School)

 Competitions: Athletes must have two competitions to participate in State Games

  • Prince Georges County: Sunday, August 27, 2017
  •  Dover Delaware:  Sunday, September 23, 2017
  • Other Competions: TBD
  • State Games  October 21, 2017 – in western Maryland. Fort Richie

Click HERE to see the 2016 FallFest results.

The cycling program provides opportunities for an athlete to get a workout in a safe environment, to compete in qualifiers and state cycling events…no matter how fast or slow you go. We offer a variety of cycling levels, averaging speeds from 3 mph to 15 mph. The cycling program will compete in local and regional qualifiers in Maryland and Delaware, and athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the State Cycling Games on 10/22/2016. The races range in length from a 500 meters to 10K. This is a summer through fall program. Cycling is an exciting sporting event that tones muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Some General Information:

  1. This is not a learn-to-ride program, all athletes must be able to ride in order to participate.
  2. The first two weeks of practice will be a tryout period.  During this timeframe the coaches will evaluate all athletes and determine if our program can safely support the athlete.
  3. All athletes must be accompanied by a riding unified training partner at all times.  This is required because we ride in an area that is not closed to the public and we do get separated from each other.  Bohrer Park has a one mile loop and it is impossible to view the entire loop from any one location.   The trail is often used by walkers and it is important that our athletes understand how to pass walkers safely, and we rely on our unified partners to provide this support.
  4. All athletes and unified training partners must wear a cycling helmet when riding and must provide their own equipment (helmet, bicycle, tandem or tricycle, water bottle. bell etc…)
  5. In order to attend State Games, you must have 8 practices, and go to 2 formal meets.   The Dover meet is scheduled for September 28, we will provide details on other meets as they are determined. We know that cycling season overlaps with vacations, so we have scheduled plenty of practices to make sure there is ample chance to get in all your practices.
  6. Get your bike tuned up at a local bike shop. Having a bike that is in good working order is very important, especially the brakes.
  7. Practice starts at 9:00, but that means we are on the trail riding. Please arrive about 15 minutes early so we can stretch, pump up tires, and go over any administrative details.

FINALLY- WE WOULD LOVE SOME MORE COACHES!! It is not very hard, it will allow us to work more with the athletes, and makes it easier to cover the practices.

All must sign up, either volunteer, or athlete.  This requirement is for insurance purposes, and has to be done as soon as possible.  Please make sure athletes have a valid medical form, and volunteers have completed all the paperwork as explained on SOMO website.  We will double-check everyone’s medical form or volunteer paperwork to see if they are up to date.

All athletes/volunteers must sign up for sport training prior to attending practice. Please sign up online as soon as possible so that we can make plans for coaching needs.

Athlete and volunteer application’s must be current UP TO THE date of the State Games for your sport. If you are unsure of a person’s status, click HERE to see list of names and expiration dates.

ATHLETES – Click HERE to sign up on-line for this sport’s training season. YOU MUST have the required Athlete Application (also know as Athlete Medical) already on file to sign up for a sport. If you are not sure if you have completed all the paperwork, please click HERE to review the requirements.

VOLUNTEERS – Click HERE to sign up on-line for this sport’s training season. YOU MUST have the required volunteer application already on file to sign up for a sport. If you are not sure if you have completed all the paperwork, please click HERE to review the requirements.

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