Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed

Training will be provided for all positions. 

For more information, please contact Shelly Bogasky

sbogasky@somdmontgomery.org           301-802-1629


Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Duties:  Help process Volunteer Applications by getting them organized and checking for missing information before forwarding to the State Office.

Time commitment:  This is all work that can be done at home in the evenings or at night.  There are 4 deadlines:  mid-August, November, January and March. After each Volunteer Orientation we’ll have 20 to 30 applications to process taking about 2 to 4 hours to process and a little time throughout the year as Applications come in.

Will need to use Adobe Acrobat, will train.

Assistant Medical Director

Duties:  Help Process Athlete Medical Forms by checking for missing information and getting them ready to Send to the State Office.

Time commitment:  This is all work that can be done at home in the evenings.  2 to 4 hours at the beginning of each season and a little time throughout the year as forms come in. There are three big deadlines, one for each season.

Will need to use Adobe Acrobat, will train

Young Athlete Program Coordinator

The Young Athlete Program is for our beginning Athletes 3 to 7 years’ old.

The YAP Program runs 3 seasons, Soccer in the fall, Basketball in the winter and Track and Field in the spring.  Each season is 6 sessions.  We’re looking for someone to be responsible for all 3 seasons.

Requirements:  Attending all of the sessions for the season, transporting the equipment, taking attendance, insuring all medical and volunteer forms are completed and keeping the Sport Coordinator updated.

Young Athlete Program Coaches

This is a great opportunity for our experienced high school volunteers to take the next step with more responsibility.  Training will be provided.

3 coaches needed, one for Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field.

Requirements:  Must attend all 6 sessions of each season you Volunteer for and work with the YAP Coordinator.

Social Media Intern

This is a great opportunity for high school volunteers or adults to make use of their social media skills. SOMO uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but content is not kept current.

Requirements:  Must have their own computer and/or smart phone access.  Social media will be monitored and kept up to date with information about SOMO activities (events and competitions).