Volunteer Required Paperwork

What is required to volunteer (first year and then every third year):

  • The VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and PROTECTIVE BEHAVIORS QUIZ must be completed the first year and then renewed every 3 years.
  • Before participating in any sport, event, working with athletes or serving on our Management Team, volunteers/Unified Partners must have a completed and processed VOLUNTEER APPLICATION – click here to start process. Be sure to provide your complete name, a reference and your signature. Adults only need a single reference (on page 1 of the application). Minors (under 18) will need to complete the Minor Reference (page 3) that must be signed by two non-family references. The application can be partially filled in online and then printed so that they can be signed on page 1 (everyone) and page 3 (minors only). If you cannot type on form, please try another pdf viewer… some viewers prevent writing or just print all the pages.
  • Take The PROTECTIVE BEHAVIORS QUIZ (online)  When you have completed this short quiz, you will receive a confirmation email. Save the confirmation email. Bring it to the orientation or email with application.
  • If attending an orientation, bring signed Volunteer Application form (and Minor Reference Form if needed) to a volunteer orientation, and learn about all of our volunteer opportunities!
  • Applications and protective behaviors quiz confirmations may be sent via EMAIL to volinfo@somdmontgomery.org (preferred method) or FAX SIGNED form to: 888 662-6265
  • If you have any questions, please email volinfo@somdmontgomery.org. You are NOT ELIGIBLE TO TRAIN OR COMPETE AS A UNIFIED PARTNER UNTIL ALL FORMS ARE ACCEPTED BY THE SOMD OFFICE.

Once above is complete, do the following for EVERY SPORT that you are interested in joining:

  • Several weeks prior to the start of each sport season (July for Fall, November for Winter, and Feb/March for Spring and Summer) volunteers MUST go to somdmontgomery.org and sign up for the sport/sports they choose to train in. The names of all of the volunteers that have signed up to help train in a sport will be collected and passed on to the coach. Training dates, times and locations will be on the website (under each sport). You should show up for the first practice on time and ready to play!
  • Welcome to our Montgomery County Special Olympics Family!

 *Student Service Learning (SSL) Opportunities in Special Olympics MD – Montgomery (SOMO) and information about how to get involved as a Unified Partner in the YOUTH Basketball League this winter are found here: SSL opportunities in SOMO